About Nick Cottrell

Nick Cottrell is the Principal Consultant for, and President of, Pennic Consulting. This blog is a portal for sharing personal technical discoveries, tips, and techniques about Visual Basic 6 with other developers.

Nick has been around computers almost as long as computers have been around. His first encounter was with computers from the likes of General Electric — yes, they used to make computers. On GE Timesharing, he encountered his first computer language — BASIC.

He subsequently became a programmer using another ancient language called ‘COBOL’. He disliked that language so much that he taught himself assembler on GE\Honeywell mainframes (General Electric’s ‘Macro Assembler Programming’ language – GEMAP) and authored virtualization (simulation) software for other mainframe computers in a time called ‘The Seventies’.

As he transferred his skills to non-mainframe computers, he rediscovered BASIC as Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6 using it to author tools for technology migrations and other technical programming.

He has been a programmer, hardware engineer, project manager, survived actually managing in IT, and remains a developer, software engineer, and teacher.